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5 Best Printing Ads That Went Viral

Print advertising remains a vibrant and impactful medium in the Philippines, with several brands consistently producing standout campaigns. 

Amidst the ever-evolving digital platforms, print advertising still does work. Some brands understand the power of print advertising and work closely with branding agencies to create compelling and memorable ads. 

Check out some of the brands that have produced some of the best print ads in the Philippines:

What is the Significance of Print Advertising?

Reaching, interacting with, and earning the trust of your target audience can be achieved through print advertisements that encourage readers to interact with the content beyond the page. Print ads frequently direct readers to websites for further details and to complete the transaction.

Best Print Advertising from Prominent Brands 

Before paid ads existed, print advertising was one of the best media for businesses to promote their products and services.

Print advertising continues to be a powerful medium for brands to connect with their audience, and some of the best print ads come from brands that know how to make a statement. From playful jabs at competitors to clever visual storytelling, these brands have mastered the art of print advertising with the help of branding agencies:

Pepsi: Trolling Cola Rivals

Pepsi is known for its bold and creative print ads, often taking a playful approach to trolling its cola rivals. Whether it's challenging Coke's dominance in taste tests or poking fun at other fast-food chains, Pepsi's print ads are always attention-grabbing and memorable.

Pepsi's "Tastes ok" ad uses Coca-Cola's design flaw—which suggests the product is inferior—to do all the talking. Creating your marketing around your rivals is a shrewd but dangerous tactic, but when a brilliant marketing opportunity is lying in wait, it's an incredible chance to outperform the competition. 

Are you interested in trying this marketing strategy for your brand? Let a reliable marketing and branding agency help you do this. At MCBrands, we draw strategies from our client’s competitors’ to develop strategies while we ensure that their marketing and branding approaches align with their business goals.

McDonald's: Deliciously Creative

McDonald's is another brand that consistently produces standout print ads. From mouth watering images of its iconic menu items to clever campaigns that play on its brand messaging, McDonald's print advertising designs are a feast for the eyes.

The iconic imagery that McDO uses entices many consumers to try their new products. However, McDO is currently suffering in its sales when they announced their support to Israel.

According to a report, boycotting McDo perils its sales.A number of Western companies, such as Starbucks and Coca-Cola, have faced boycotts and demonstrations by anti-Israel activists, including McDonald's.

Burger King: Whopper of an Ad

Burger King is no stranger to creative print advertising. With bold visuals and witty copy, Burger King's ads often make a strong statement and resonate with its audience.

You may be forgiven for believing you are looking at a macro close-up of some red meat when you first see Burger King's 2022 commercial. However, those are radicchio, beetroot, and peppers. This one is meant to give you second thoughts.

The tagline says, "Sorry for the confusion, meat lovers," and you would think that you were gazing at vegetables. The entire thing has an unsettlingly meaty appearance due to its deep red color and thin fibers. As the greatest print advertisement of the decade, this one was nominated for a CB at 10 Award.

KitKat: Break Time Brilliance is Among Best Print Ads

KitKat is among the best print ads that are all about taking a break and enjoying a moment of relaxation. These ads often feature clever visuals that play on the brand's iconic "break" slogan, making them both memorable and effective.

Sometimes a concept advertisement appears that is so masterfully executed that it deceives people into believing it is an official design. This Kit-Kat advertisement, which was recently made by Sam Hennig, skillfully plays on lockdown life and has received a ton of attention online. 

It is evident that creating ads should be relevant to the current situation to grab attention and evoke emotions among the target customers.

KFC: Finger-Lickin' Good

KFC's print ads are as tantalizing as its fried chicken. With mouthwatering images and clever messaging, KFC's ads are sure to leave you craving a bucket of its famous chicken.

Among its best print ads, have you seen the  KFC logo that mimics IKEA?  Reacting to the local association with KFC (located "where Ikea is"), the fast food business chose to capitalize on the opening of a new location.

How commendable the branding agency that planned and executed this print advertising result.

For the advertisement, Madrid-based PS21 imitated Ikea's color palette and font, which resulted in some classic brand teasing between the unexpected competitors. 

The brands mentioned above have proven that print advertising is still a powerful tool for connecting with consumers. With the help of branding agencies, they have created some of the most memorable and effective print ads in the industry.

Thanks to their collaboration with branding agencies that understand the local market and consumer preferences. Through creative storytelling and compelling visuals, these brands have successfully captured the hearts and minds of their target consumers through print advertising.

If you want to leave a mark to your target customers like these brands did, hiring a marketing and branding agency is the way to go. Today’s brand specialists are honed to assess your current marketing approach faster while they will develop strategies innovatively.

Learn more about creating print advertising with us. Send us a message and we will help you promote your business to your niche effectively.

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