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Our SEO Services Put You on the Lead

Don’t be left behind, and level your marketing game. Leverage SEO to build long-lasting connections with your customers and partners.

SEO services are made even easier and more comprehensive with MCBrands.


At MCBrands, we help small and big businesses thrive and create opportunities to build their digital presence to drive more traffic and sales.



10 Common Mistakes in Implementing SEO Marketing Strategies

  • Poor quality content

Creating easy-to-consume and irrelevant content.

  • Slow loading pages

Websites are loading slowly. Google factors in page speed.

  • No product reviews

Testimonials from customers and business awards are missing from your page.  

  • Awkward URL structure

Keep unremarkable URLs on your website pages.

  • Not mobile-friendly website

The website is not optimized for mobile devices.

  • No internal links

Less internal links in your blog content lessen your visibility on Google.

  • Not using social media as part of your SEO strategy.

Blog posts are not shared on various business platforms.

  • Not consulting your analytics

Staying away from the right metrics will stray you from success.

  • Not using long-tail keywords

Clumping your content with short-tail keywords does not make you stand out.

  • Ignoring metadata descriptions

Take metadata for granted. Some marketers use automated descriptions.


If your websites are currently in these situations, our SEO experts got you. At MCBrands, we offer top-notch and customized SEO services in the Philippines to help businesses achieve organic traffic without any hassle.


What we can do

Let us level up your marketing and branding strategies with our SEO services. Our SEO experts will explain to you our strategic approach every step of the way.


We prioritize helping businesses to improve their B2B businesses and E-commerce through Content, SEO marketing strategies, email marketing, website management, and more. Here are the competitive SEO services in the Philippines that we offer: 


  • Provide relevant and high-engaging quality content equipped with reliable SEO marketing services

  • Layout a creative and competitive content marketing plan

  • Enhance your brand reputation

  • Improve user experience (UX) with eye-catching and impressive web design

  • Creating mobile-ready website

  • Enhance social media presence and impact 

  • Establish the right analytics and business insights to measure engagement, traffics, sales, and more.

  • Leverage Google Analytics, Google Keywords, SurfSEO, and other competitive SEO tools to give you the ideal mix of SEO marketing strategies for your business.


Are you ready to get your business growing with highly competitive SEO services? Stand out from your competitors and organically reach your audience with one of the leading providers of high-quality SEO services in the Philippines.

Our approach

Over the years, we have been committed to getting potential customers near businesses by enriching branding and marketing strategies. Our tech-savvy SEO experts are well-versed in making valuable and high-ranking content. We leverage today’s advancement when identifying the ideal SEO marketing strategies for our clients, making us a reliable provider of SEO services in the Philippines.



  • SEO Audit

Our SEO experts evaluate your digital presence on search engines and what keeps you from being searchable.

  • Website Optimization

Building a website with the best user experience, enticing your customers to connect and make a deal with you. We make websites engaging with on-page optimization procedures for any device.

  • SEO Analytics

Establishing game-changing SEO insights to analyze visibility, traffic, and SEO ranking. Our SEO experts conduct a thorough discussion to interpret your numbers.

  • Content Marketing Plan

As part of the SEO marketing strategies, we triumph in creating a well-crafted and definitive content plan aligned with business goals to increase audience engagement and sales.

  • Citation and Link Building

We provide a high-quality linking building strategy to increase your domain authority, making your site credible and reliable on search engine results.

  • Business-tailored SEO services

We develop and implement SEO services that best suit your business needs. We offer an SEO program based on your marketing and branding strategies to enhance your branding identity and brand awareness to customers.

  • Optimizing local SEO with social media

Let your business be known across all social media channels while influencing your SEO ranking. 


Get Business-tailored SEO services


There is no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to implementing SEO. Talk to our SEO experts, and let us keep your business growing through SEO marketing services. Make your website SEO-friendly with the trusted and reliable provider of SEO services in the Philippines.


With the number of popping businesses online, put your company in the lead by increasing your traffic and visibility. Let’s discuss how to keep your business growing. We have top-tier solutions designed and made just for you.



  1. What is SEO, and how does it works?


Search Engine Optimization increases your visibility and position of web pages in organic search results. SEO has best practices to implement to your site in order to attain high traffic when people search you online.


Google and Bing are search engines that crawl websites' content to rank. The crawlers begin examining the web page's content and the internal and external links. Keep in mind that search engines rank sites with high-quality content pages. That's why there are various techniques that SEO experts tweak so that search engines will put rank you high on search results when people try searching keywords related to your page.


   2. What are the most essential SEO ranking factors?


There are tons of factors that Google utilizes to rank the website on its search result pages. That's why it is more crucial to entrust your websites to well-versed SEO team experts. The most important SEO ranking factors are as follows:

  • High-quality content

  • Mobile-first

  • Page Experience

  • Page speed

  • On-page optimization

  • Internal links

  • External links


 3. What types of business do you cater to?


Our SEO team is proficient in optimizing websites of different business types with varying niches. MCBrands has provided its SEO expertise to restaurants, beauty salons, online gaming and casinos, manufacturing companies, and more, making them one of the leading providers of SEO services in the Philippines. Regardless of the big or small business type, MCBrands offers the perfect mix of SEO services you need to be more visible to your target audience.

MCBrands is an SEO agency based in BGC Taguig. We focus on using search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing (SEM) to build visibility, attract prospects, and generate leads.

We help clients define and understand their success factors as they relate to search engine marketing (SEM), SEO and content marketing. Categorically, the success factors can be broken down into:

1. brand visibility in a marketplace,

2. lead generation with SEO,

3. growth over time,

4. sales opportunity related to SEO, and

5. sales-assists from SEO efforts.

Each customized SEO campaign focuses on five primary elements: keywords, site content, technical infrastructure, authority link development and social media best practices.

View other services here:

  • Performance Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Web Design & Development


Unit 1510 High Street South Corporate Plaza Tower 1, 9th Avenue corner, 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines, 1634


Phone: +63 9178038328

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