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3 Reasons You May Need a Brand Refresh

Refresh branding is a tough and brave call to make for any business owner.

However, it is necessary to give your brand a facelift, especially with the fast-changing times.

As organizations grow and evolve over time, so do the communications strategies that shape how their brands are received by the public.

To be perceived as a modern and aggressive company by your customers is a great feat for any business. Good marketing reputation earns you new customers.

Solaready Logo Revamp

Here are 3 more reasons why your brand is due for a revamp:

You’re Missing Out

Hundreds of branding ideas are out there created everyday. Even popular fast food chains like Burger King went through a recent brand refresh to keep their customers enticed with their products.

When it comes to your branding, it’s important to get on with the times.

Avoid Negative Perceptions

Bad reviews can be averted, but negative perceptions can make you lose potential clients.

For example, you’ve been acquiring a luxury designer brand. However, your logo and color scheme do not match the ideal tone they’re looking for in an advertising company. Your logo and branding seem too stuck in the 2000s, wherein small but better branded businesses exude posh look and feel.

It’s been a Hit and a Miss

Trouble with lead generation? It isn’t all in your head. It’s your brand. It isn’t talking to potential leads the way it used to.

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