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Logo Design Psychology: How to Formulate Brand Recall for Consumers

Brand recall is powerful.

One glance of a typeface, color, or design shape will immediately make the consumer think about your brand. It’s the goal, it’s the dream. Every company aims to be on everyone’s radar,

Famous brands such as Coca Cola, Apple, and Mcdonalds have great brand recall rate among customers.

You can easily know Coca Cola’s iconic red color and Apple’s logo from afar.

How is this possible?

Fast Food brands such as Jollibee and KFC can set up drive thru signs with only their logo and your cravings will instantly consume you into taking that turn to dine in.

The logo is a representation of your business as a whole. It’ll help consumers recognize you and induce a particular feeling you want them to have: trustworthy, premium, family-oriented, professional, high-tech, and more.

Visual perception is a real thing. Over 93% of Consumers base their purchasing judgment on visual perception alone. The more work and effort you put into your logo design, the bigger the payoff.

You can use the color theory for your logo design and pick a color which your company stands for.

Blue evokes a feeling of calm and honesty. Red promotes action and excitement. Yellow is playful and optimistic. Orange means friendly and affordable. Green is usually associated with brands that stand for growth and nature. Black is both luxurious and sophisticated.

Along with the color, the font of your brand matters.

You can integrate the product you're selling in the designs and use bold letters to signify strength.

Spacing and scaling also plays a big role in logo designs.

As for logo shapes, there are various meanings behind some of the best brands using different shapes.

Circular logos assure a positive message, which can also be translated to building relationships and unity.

Squares and triangles suggest stability and balance. It also gives a vibe of strength, professionalism, and efficiency.

No matter how you want your brand to look, the logo is an aspect you should take caution in creating. Entrust an artist who understands your business as a whole to create an efficient design that’ll boost your sales and brand recall in the future.

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