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Trending April Fool's Online Posts in the Philippines 2024

Days have gone by since April Fool’s happened. Many gimmicks and practical jokes were created to spur entertainment. 

In the Philippines, April Fool’s online posts became a trend as many brands uploaded unique and creative content in various social media platforms.

We can’t deny the efforts that the digital marketing agency of many businesses exerted to come with these entertaining April Fool’s online posts in 2024:

Prank Gone Wrong: Taragis Takoyaki

The most viral among the April Fool’s online posts in the Philippines is the Taragis.

Who would have thought that a netizen will take it seriously to win the prize?

Ramil Albano, a male netizen, took the joke literally and got the tattoo in an attempt to win the reward money. The North Caloocan victim clarified that he missed the disclaimer stating that the post was a joke.

A day after, the trending April Fool’s online posts turned to humanity-restored content. Many people called out the takoyaki food chain to award the prize to the netizens. With empathy, businesses in the Philippines awarded Albano with different prizes.

Since the store owner of Taragis received many negative comments, he awarded the 100K to Albano. He was surprised with Albano’s situation as he is a father to a child with special needs.

He made it clear that the joke was never meant to hurt anyone and apologized to anyone it had a negative impact on. 

Pranks Turns a Great Demand with Lola Nena’s

Many of Lola Nena’s apos were delighted seeing its post on various social media platforms about the upcoming Ube Cheese variant.

Netizens commented that this is just among the April Fool’s online posts as there were no further details about the new flavor. However, people were asking to make it happen as many customers love ube cheese.

Kudos to the digital marketing agency that helps Lola Nena’s for publishing such witty content. This has helped them assess the preference of their lovely customers. Stay tuned to all the Apos out there if Lola Nena will grant your request.

Chooks to Go Goes to Bohol

One of the witty and fun April Fool’s online posts is from Chooks to Go. Who would ever forget the trending resorts located in Bohol’s chocolate hills?

Just for entertainment, Chooks to Go, one of the most preferred roasted chickens in the Philippines, announced its next branch in Bohol.

Plus, they are also offering another flavor, the chocolate roast to widen options. It’s a great season to spend time on different social media platforms as there is a lot of humor floating.

 Pizza Hut Offers Binignit sa Tag-Init

The Binignit trend is not yet over. A stuffed crust pizza with binignit is set to debut, according to Pizza Hut's Philippine branch, capitalizing on the current online trend on Binignit during the Holy Week.

As many Filipinos are still craving for Binignit, Pizza Hut is kind enough to emphasize in the caption that it is a mere fun for April Fool’s online posts trend only. But Filipinos were also curious if Binignit Pizza with cheese is really a great combo to indulge in.

April Fool’s Online Posts Spur Entertainment in Social Media Platforms

April Fool's Day is a time for fun and lightheartedness, and these trending online posts from Taragis Takoyaki, Lola Nena's, Chooks to Go, and Pizza Hut Philippines certainly delivered on that front. While these posts may have been pranks, they succeeded in bringing smiles to the faces of many Filipinos and adding a bit of joy to their day.

April 1st unleashes a wave of hilarious online antics as brands join the fun with outrageous pranks and unbelievable product announcements. But amidst the silliness, there's a tightrope walk for brands. While a well-executed prank can boost engagement and brand recall, going overboard or venturing into insensitive territory can backfire. The key lies in striking a balance between humor and authenticity.

With the creative April Fool’s online posts of various brands, we can’t deny that their brands have become prominent in grabbing the attention of many consumers. This is one of the key benefits of managing your social media platforms.

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