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What Is a Brand Book and Why You Need It? Part 2

When you plan your business, it’s important to set branding guidelines to ensure everything you create is aligned - both content and design.

If you plan your business without proper branding, you’ll leave your audience confused and lose potential customers. So why is a brand book important? What makes it vital for your business?

Here are 4 reasons why you need it:

A Mood Board for your Customers

Is your brand fun? Premium? Sustainable? Women-led? With a brand book at hand, you can effectively create an online mood board for your customers.

They know exactly what your tone and branding is through the design and copies your business creates. This’ll improve your engagement rate and audience growth, especially if you manage to pique their interest.

Customer Impact

First impressions last. Especially for businesses.

It’s important to note your customers scroll fast and you need to produce enticing content that’ll make them follow and support your products or services.

The content you’ll create has to be aligned with your brand book to avoid people from unfollowing your page.

Ensure Consistency for your Brand

Consistency is the key. You need to get with the times and adapt with the current trends as you go.

A brand book is a guidepost that will keep your business values aligned. Is there a viral meme? Does it capture the essence of your brand? Can moment marketing work for a high-end business?

The brand book will tell you exactly what hype you can ride on without losing your business tone.

A brand book will distinguish you from other businesses. It’ll help you improve and grow your company in the future.

Treat your brand book as a guidepost, and you’ll never stray far from your company values.

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