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5 Effective Marketing Strategies from the Best Brands that You Should Implement

The rapid emergence of new businesses has increased the competition in marketing. The birth of social media channels and digital platforms widens the marketing avenue for businesses to thrive.

However, most business owners are getting overwhelmed with which marketing approach they are going to implement to spur business development and opportunities. Marketing strategies are not just tasks that come with a one size fits all step-by-step solution.

Each brand's marketing plan is created using a different method, and there are countless original ideas that could work. The best marketing plans involve a high degree of innovation to identify the most practical approach to getting your brand in front of (and perhaps even winning the hearts of) your target audience.

Let us take inspiration from the brands with the best and most effective marketing strategies.

Check out these incredible and effective marketing strategies from prominent brands:

Leveraging technology to understand its customers’ behaviors – Spotify

Spotify is a well-known brand when it comes to streaming music. Its app offers a wide selection of music and podcasts and an ultimate level of streaming experience.

Its effective marketing strategies:

With advanced algorithms, Spotify has tracked listener behavior and knows who its clients are. Using this information, they can deliver music that is most matched to the listeners' behaviors and the attributes connected with those behaviors.

Telling inspirational stories–Nike

Since 1964, Nike has been a sports brand providing apparel for every athlete’s needs.

Its effective marketing strategies:

Nike has become an expert at telling emotional and motivational tales. Not only do people refer to famous athletes, but also to normal citizens. More particularly, they tell a tale that the general public can readily relate to.

Today, with social media, storytelling is made even easier and more effective for brands. As an experienced digital marketing agency in the Philippines, MCBrands has gathered how social media storytelling improves brand:

  • It humanizes the brand, which improves your authenticity with the audience.

  • It reinforces your brand story, captivating people's emotions

  • It increases your reach by building trust and loyalty.

  • It builds community, which increases brand awareness.

Implementing personalization marketing– Netflix

If Spotify dominates music streaming, Netflix is the world’s go-to movie streaming platform. The brand offers the latest movie, series, and TV shows to quench our needs for entertainment.

Its effective marketing strategies:

Netflix doesn't constantly overwhelm its users with recommendations. It is aware that internet users are more likely to respond to one email they can relate to than to a ton of irrelevant stuff.

Business owners should keep in mind this tip that Netflix implemented. It provides simple-to-read, highly personalized emails and pushes notifications with a prominent CTA (call to action) button that typically just says "Play."

If you are doubtful about adopting personalization marketing, you can hire a reliable provider of marketing and branding services from a proficient digital marketing agency in the Philippines. We are creating email letters for our clients to make their customer relationships even more inclusive.

Leveraging social media channels– Airbnb

Who would ever forget the inspiring story that Airbnb shares? With Airbnb, hosts are willing to share their spaces, which range from small cottages to opulent penthouses. There are countless incredible places to travel to, whether for business, a weekend break, a family vacation, or a longer stay.

Its effective marketing strategies:

Like any other business, Airbnb adopted the wonders that social media channels offer. Its brand grew immensely when it created various communities on different social media platforms.

Not to mention, the brand has successfully grown with its influence marketing strategy. In an effort to spread brand recognition and create buzz, Airbnb has teamed up with some well-known personalities.

The first of many influencer posts for the travel company's Instagram account was published by Mariah Carey in 2015 when she posted a photo of herself in an Airbnb apartment and received over 45,000 likes.

Present products and services appealingly and aesthetically –Apple

We can’t deny that Apple is the topmost brand people can perceive when it comes to gadgets. Apple dominates its industry through its effective marketing strategies that most businesses would like to adopt.

Its effective marketing strategies:

Over the years, Apple invested much in how it aesthetically presented its products. Marketing includes choosing the precise channels via which a product or service will be presented in a specialized market and promoting it among potential customers in order to persuade them to purchase the product.

Marketing is not simply limited to selling products and services to end customers. This is exactly what Apple excels at: it raises consumer knowledge of the product, employs a successful marketing plan, and concentrates on creating a need for the product across various market segments.

Implementing Effective Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

A strong strategy that supports the development and growth of your business is the first step in developing effective marketing strategies. Start by considering your strengths and what you can actually provide for your clients. How can you improve their lives and win them over to your goods and services?

These are the first steps that the best brands consider when implementing their respective marketing approach. Remember that every brand has a unique approach as businesses differ from each other.

There’s a lot to learn from brands that do things differently. You might accomplish something in your sector right now that is straightforward, quick, distinctive, and different—it just has to be discovered.

If you need a hand in discovering what your brand can offer, let a well-skilled digital marketing agency in the Philippines help you. Stop losing cash by doing branding and marketing strategies that do not reap the benefits for your business.

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